It was Forty years ago today . . . .
If ever there was a seminal moment in modern music it must surely have been on a sunny afternoon in 1957. As so often happens important moments in history take place away from the light of public scrutiny and often are left to the speculations of latter day scholars.

Fortunately for music fans and historian alike Len Garry was there. Not seeing it though the eyes of a jaded critic but with the perspective of optimistic youth. More than a casual observer, Len Garry was a significant participant at the birth of a phenomenon.

At the age of forteen he was was to witness the first stirrings of this centuries greatest songwriting team. As "Tea-chest bass" player in the"Quarrymen" Len was an enthusiastic accomplice in events which so many others have speculated about. He was there sharing the same stage with John Lennon and Paul McCartney when they gave their first concert together. He was in the same small backstage dressing room when Lennon and McCartney were first introduced and Paul showed John how to play guitar chords.

Through a boisterous couple of years Len shared everything with the young John Lennon, from cigarettes to musical ideas, from teenage school pranks to girlfriends.

Relating the years before the legends were born, John, Paul and Me is a highly personal documentary, a crystal-clear trip back through time to when John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Len Garry and their friends were nothing more than a group of optimistic teenagers with ambition in their eyes and music in their hearts.

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John Paul & Me - by Len Garry
First Edition
ISBN 0-9695736-8-5
CG Publishing Ltd. London
CG Publishing Inc. Toronto
$15.95 USA