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Up and Coming Tour: Phladelphia 08-15-2010 :: report slideshows video

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Mike KovacichMike Kovacich

Bob Gannon reports from the 2nd show in Philly and talks about another concert goer Rick Glover whom I've met several times and do agree is one of the friendliest Beatle fans. To be honest, I haven't met too many Beatle fans that were not nice. The big news from Bob is that there is talk of six more shows in October/November !


Report by Bob Gannon:

At work typing a quick report out as this week is just crazy between work and shows. Paul was late to soundcheck again and it started close to 5:20pm. Girl at soundcheck had a sign that said it was her birthday in 3 days and Paul sand "Happy Birthday" to her and later in the soundcheck played "Birthday" for her! Songs played follows:

Setlist from the Sound Check
01. Blue Suede Shoes
02. Matchbox
03. Honey Don't into Secret agent man
04. unknown jam
05. Ebony and Ivory
06. Only mama knows
07. Birthday
08. C moon
09. I want to come home
10. Don't let the sun catch you crying
11. San Francisco Bay Blues
12. Things We Said Today
13. It's So Easy    (or towards the's so SQUEAZY)
14. The continuing saga of Pavlova
15. Dance Tonight  (short version)
16. The saga of Pavlova continues
17. Leaning on a lamp post (slow version)
18. Leaning on a lamp post (fast version)
Paul then spent some time with the band huddled around him
showing them the chords
19. Yesterday
20. You Never Give Me Your Money (instrumental version on magic piano)
21. Lady Madonna

Sound Check photos by Bob Gannon


Concert Report by Bob Gannon:
Still at work and I'd figure that I'd take a break and send in a report for night #2 in Philadelphia. We are going to start it by going back to soundcheck. During soundcheck, Paul singled out super fan, Rick Glover who was at the show celebrating his 100th Paul McCartney show by congratulating him and saying "way to go". Now folks, to show what a great feat this is......Paul & his current band just celebrated their 200th show together this year and here's a guy that has been to many of them all around the world. Those would know Rick as one of the contributing writers/photographers for Beatlefan magazine. If you were at one of the shows that he was at, he was the one holding the mult- colored "FANS ON THE RUN" signs. Over the years, Paul has stopped and signed several of those signs. As well as being a very good friend of mine, he is simply one of the nicest Beatle people I have ever met and I congratulate him on his 100th show and was happy to be there celebrating it with him
Once again, setlist was slightly changed from night #1 as he has been doing at the multi show stops. Philly fans started out slow but then hit their stride around 'Let em in". And then for the rest of the show they lived up to their reputation. It seems like the 2010 tour should have been named the "Tattoo You Tour 2010" as two more yound ladies were brought up during the encores . The first one had her backsigned and the second one had her left forearm signed. So to those female fans in Pittsburgh, if you are looking for a Paul McCartney tattoo....make your signs and roll the dice. One performance thing of note. After completing "Let it Be", Paul started into "Live and let die" with only one problem....he was still playing "Let it Be" on the piano and then actually sang the words "When you were young...." stopped, laughed and started over right. As far as Paul and band, I truly don't know how they keep it up..night after night! It's just incredible watching them having so much fun on this tour. All these guys do all night is smile ear to ear and laugh. If you watch carefully you'll see and other band members exchange glances and just smile away at each other. Especially when Paul is at the piano in the back.
One more piece of news for October/November...we were told that there will be six (6) more shows. No news right now as to where or exactly when but it looks as though he is not done this year. Hopefully I may learn more in Pittsburgh!

Philadelphia Set-List

1. Venus and Mars / Rockshow
2. Jet
3. All My Loving
4. Letting Go
5. Drive My Car
6. Highway
7. Let Me Roll It
8. The Long And Winding Road
9. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
10. Let ‘Em In
11. My Love
12. I’ve Just Seen A Face
13. And I Love Her
14. Blackbird
15. Here Today
16. Dance Tonight
17. Mrs Vandebilt
18. Eleanor Rigby
19. Ram On
20. Something
21. Sing The Changes
22. Band On The Run
23. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
24. Back In The USSR
25. I’ve Got A Feeling
26. Paperback Writer
27. A Day In The Life / Give Peace A Chance
28. Let It Be
29. Live And Let Die
30. Hey Jude

First Encore
31. Day Tripper
32. Lady Madonna
33. Get Back

Second Encore
34. Yesterday
35. Helter Skelter
36. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band / The End

Concert photos by Bob Gannon




Last Updated: 08/17/10 09:27

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Up and Coming Tour: Phladelphia 08-15-2010 :: report slideshows video

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News Summary

Bob Gannon reports from the 2nd show in Philly and talks about another concert goer Rick Glover whom I've met several times and do agree is one of the friendliest Beatle fans. To be honest, I haven't met too many Beatle fans that were not nice.