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Up and Coming Tour: Salt Lake City - 07-13-2010 :: report/slideshows

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First Time in Salt Lake City

Paul McCartney and band continued their Up and Coming tour with a stop in Utah where it was Paul's fist time performing.
Bob Gannon sends his report on the sound check and concert including photos. MACCA Central has made two slide shows from Bob's photos, 38 images from the sound check and 132 from the concert.

Sound Check report by Bob Gannon:

Hey gang. After a couple of long days traveling and even longer day at soundcheck and the Salt Lake City concert, I'm back home and ready to report. We're going to start with the soundcheck. It was incredibly hot and after playing a 15+ minute jam that kept repeating "Utah, Salt lake City". From there, Paul asked us to move forward out of the sun and more into the shade. We moved to about the 10th row on Rusty's side and eventually wound up in rows 2 thru 4. Forgive me for taking noted and not remembering the exact order of songs but this was the best soundcheck that i've seen him do. He announced during the soundcheck that this was the bands 200th show together. The soundcheck was about an hour and twenty five minutes long and here's what he played in no particular order.
Initially our invites said that you could only take pictures for the first 15 minutes but they allowed us to take pictures all the way through. Pictures and show details to come.
Setlist from the Sound Check
    01. Utah, Salt Lake City Jam
    02. Birthday
    03. Honey Hush
    04. Midnight Special
    05. Coming Up
    06. Things We Said Today
    07. Dance Tonight
    08. Ram On requested by the hot sound group
    09. Yesterday
    10. Only Mama Knows
    11. Celebration
    12. Venus/Mars Rockshow...extended work on this song
    13. Played a playback of what they called Venus Mars itunes mix and then worked on it some more
    14. extended tuning on the Magic Piano that broke down during Frisco show
    15. while playing an unknown piano jam that ultimately led into Lady madonna
    16. Also played piano while doing the massage bit
    17. C Moon
    18. False start to Tequilla
    19. I'm in Love Again
    20. It's So Easy
    21. ended with Great Day which was done perfectly

Sound Check photos by Bob Gannon


Concert Report by Bob Gannon:
Me again, sorry for the delay but after travelling 12 hours on Monday to get to Salt Lake City, going to soundcheck and the Paul concert, travelling another 12 hours to get home and having to be up early for work today took a lot out of me. But here I am, rejuvenated and ready to tell my tale. I've seen a lot of shows and I must say that Paul continually impresses me with his performances. Just when I think I saw a show that would be tough to beat, he comes out with a better one and this one my friends was it. First off, Rio Tinto Stadium was a fantastic venue to see a concert. The sound was amazing. and after delivering the best soundcheck that I've seen him do, Paul had a whole more up his sleeve for the concert. Once again, the celebration of the 200th show and Paul's extremely animated performance made this one for the books.
I described Paul earlier today to a friend as being in Super Mario Mode. I never seen him dance around the stage as much as he did. Very playfully pointing and acknowledging people in the crowd and just simply bringing the house down. He read a sign early in the show that read "Paul, you're in Utah, marry us! Paul read the sign and answered "All of you?". Voice sounded great and after a sign was held up for "Ram On", Paul said "since you bothered to make a sign, we have a request from the front row" and sure enough, the U.S. first emergence of "Ram On". At the beginning of the show, first 5 rows were allowed to move up to the barrier but about 40 minutes into the show cleared everyone out and sent them back into their seats, Brian Riddle who had gone backstage came back out front to see me now sitting in my second row seat pointed at me and told me to come back to the rail that it was ok. He then spoke to security and then motioned for the rest of the people to move up. He didn't appear too pleased that they had moved the fans. Not much more to say other than I hope I'm at the show that he tops this one!!!!!!!
Salt Lake City Set-List
01. Venus and Mars/Rockshow
02. Jet
03. All My Loving
04. Letting Go
05. Drive My Car
06. Highway
07. Let Me Roll It/foxy lady
08. Long and winding road
09. 1985
10. Let 'Em In
11. My Love
12. I've Just Seen a Face
13. And I Love Her
14. Blackbird
15. Here Today
16. Dance Tonight
17. Mrs Vanderbilt
18. Eleanor Rigby
19. Ram On (by request)
20. Something
21. Sing the Changes
22. Band on the Run
23. Ob-la-di ob-la-da
24. Back in the USSR
25. I've Got a Feeling (extended jam)
26. Paperback Writer
27. A Day in the Life/ Give Peace a Chance
28. Let it Be
29 Live and Let Die
30. Hey Jude
1st encore
31. Daytripper
32. Lady Madonna
33. Get back
2nd encore
35. Helter Skelter
36. Sgt Pepper/The End

Concert photos by Bob Gannon





Last Updated: 07/16/10 08:54

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by Tommy Ken : Great Falls - USA July 16, 2010 2:18 PM EDT (Guest)  click to register
I was at the Salt Lake City show. What a night! Nothing could ever compare. Thanks for the pictures and the article. It is fun to read the story and view the pictures and live that incredible concert all over again.
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by odile martin : sartrouville - france July 16, 2010 10:44 AM EDT (Guest)  click to register
Thanks Bob for sharing your fantastic photographs with us !!!
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Up and Coming Tour: Salt Lake City - 07-13-2010 :: report/slideshows

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News Summary

Paul McCartney and band continued their Up and Coming tour with a stop in Utah where it was Paul's fist time performing. Bob Gannon sends his report on the sound check and concert including photos. MACCA Central has made two slide shows from Bob's photos, 38 images from the sound check and 132 from the concert.