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Up and Coming Tour: Dublin - 06-12-2010 :: reviews/slideshow

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Mike KovacichMike Kovacich

Bob Gannon reports from us from Dublin with 123 quality photos.
Hey gang,
Just got back to  my hotel room after getting lost in traffic anyhow . The show was completely awesome, Paul & band were hot and the Dublin crowd was even hotter. I couldn't hear their name but an Irish band went on first. They were actually quite good, I enjoyed them and apparently they were about to put out their third album. Just prior to Paul starting, a fellow walked in front of me and wouldn't you know it, it was Woody Harrelson. I said hi Woody and he turned, smiled and said hi back while waving. James McCartney was also spotted in the audience. But I couldn't understand them when they said who they were.
Paul and band took the stage a little after 8pm wearing the black suit with maroon fringe. The Irish were in good voice and you could tell that Paul & band were enjoying the show. After Mrs Vanderbilt the crowd showered Paul with singing "Happy Birthday" which went on for a bit. Paul looking on smiling and then the crowd started singing "for he's a jolly good fellow" which Paul joined in singing "because I'm a jolly good fellow", Rusty and Abe who had moved into position for Eleanor Rigby were laughing and enjoying every bit of it. After playing "Something", Paul turned to the screen to a large picture of George Harrison with his back to the audience and waved to George. After that he went back to the microphone and told the story about people flashing signs and how his mind says don't read it but that it says something that draws your attention. Then he said "like that guy over there" and pointed stage right. He said that guy over there has a sign that says "I'm going to bang this chick i'm with after the show!" Paul said "i'm hoping that's his wife but either way it's not fair holding something like that up".
Paul had two very visible missteps during the show. One early on and a second as he prepared to do the leg kick during "band on the run". It messed up his first attemp but not to be discouraged, Paul did an awkward looking second kick which was successful. Also, after "Blackbird" he was talking about why he wrote it and also playing at the White House last week. He talked about how far we've come and that America now has a black president.
At the end of "Paperback Writer", Rusty turned his guitar around and the back of his guitar had white lettering saying "Thanx". After "Live and Let Die" the crew loaded out the magic piano on to the stage and I thought we were going to get a little surprise but he did "Hey Jude". First bow was just a normal bow. After the first encore it was a bow with a shuffle and after the second encore, it was a band bow with only Paul doing the guerilla walk.  Someone threw a teddy bear on stage which he picked up and said his goodbyes holding it. Other things of note, after Hey Jude" and the first bow, the crowd started singing "Hey Jude" before Paul left the stage and continued to do so until Paul came back on stage to a loud roar. Also earlier in the show he talked about his recent Mexico shows and how the crowd held up lights and that they all seemed to move on beat to the song they were playing. Paul also had a false start as he began to play "Two of us" while the rest of the band was playing "I'm looking through you". Paul caught himself, laughed and told everyone it was his fault.
Paul spoke in Gaelic several times to the crowd's delight and when speaking about playing the white House, he said that he figured that perfect gig after that would be Dublin of course

Set List:
Venus Mars/Rockshow
All My Loving
Letting Ggo
Got to Get You Into My Life
Let Me Roll It/ Foxy Lady
Long and winding road
Let 'Em In
My Love
I'm Looking Through You (false start of Paul playing Two of Us)
Two Of Is
Here Today
Dance Tonight
Mrs Vanderbilt (crowd sings Happy Birthday & Jolly good fellow)
Eleanor Rigby
Sing tThe Changes
Band on the Run
Ob la di Ob la da
Back in the USSR
I've Got a Feeling extended jam
Paperback Writer
Day in a Life/ Give Peace A Chance
Let It Be
Live and Let Die
Hey Jude on magic piano
1st encore
Lady Madonna
Get Back
2nd encore
Helter Skelter
Sgt Peppers/The End




Last Updated: 06/13/10 09:55

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by Racheal tour : Uganda August 17, 2010 8:09 AM EDT (Guest)  click to register
It was a lovely show,it actually reminded me of my late father who loved this music.Thanks for the blog
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by Molloy : UK June 13, 2010 4:25 PM EDT (Guest)  click to register
My hubbie and I loved it it was a very very special memory for us from the 60.s it will stay in our hearts for a very long timexxxx
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Up and Coming Tour: Dublin - 06-12-2010 :: reviews/slideshow

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Bob Gannon reports from us from Dublin with 123 quality photos. Dublin definitely did not disappoint