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'SECRET SHOW' on Dec.16th for DVD owners only!

  • Source: by Mike Kovacich
If you haven't purchased your Back in the US DVD yet, order it thru MACCA-Central as soon as possible so you can see the SECRET SHOW. Ssssssh. . . . it's a secret don't tell anyone.

Just what the show will be is a secret but I've heard some rumbling about a possible concert to benefit the British Firefighters who were recently on strike. See the BBC online for details of the strike.

This is just a guess, but Paul has shown some sincere concern for firefighters more recently because of 9/11 and the "Concert for NYC", but has more related history to firemen. He recorded two albums "Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest" in 1994 and "Rushes" in 1998 under the name "The Firemen". Paul's father was a volunteer fireman in Liverpool during World War II so this life experience has stayed with him and his concern is genuine.

In an exclusive interview with Geoff Baker last week, he told me there were going to be a lot of new things available on the "secret site" including something very special being worked on. All this is available ONLY if you have the DVD and a DVD ROM drive installed on your computer and an internet connetion of course.

A few hints about playing the DVD ROM. I installed the DVD ROM drive and driver software several months ago but this was the first time I attempted to play a DVD on this drive. Upon inserting the DVD I installed the InterActual player that comes with the DVD. After that I had no problems accessing the "secret site" but there was an error when try to play the movie. I use Windows XP Pro and soon found out I needed PowerDVD add-on to make this happen. So I got this download which is actually a different player and everything works fine. The InterActual player now plays the movie now but only if it gets to by AUTOPLAY. In otherwords, inserting the DVD then the player opens up, or in Explorer, right clicking on the DRIVE and selecting AUTOPLAY. I hope this help some of you out.


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by Lorren : NxDMuhSCeVhWjVCIqi March 3, 2013 11:15 PM EST (Guest)  click to register
This is the perefct post for me to find at this time
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'SECRET SHOW' on Dec.16th for DVD owners only!

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