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Sir Paul McCartney's next album, called New, will see him return to an EMI record label

Sir Paul McCartney's new album will see him return to an EMI record label - six years after he left the company and branded it "boring".

The musician will issue his next release, called New, next month and it has emerged today that it will come out through Virgin EMI in the UK.

He had been with EMI or its subsidiary Parlophone for 45 years until he exited in 2007, choosing to release his Memory Almost Full collection through a label associated with coffee chain Starbucks.

Sir Paul said in an interview after leaving the firm that he "dreaded going to see" its executives and the company's handling of his music had become "symbolic of the treadmill".

"Everybody at EMI had become part of the furniture. I'd be a couch; Coldplay are an armchair," he said.

Since then he has worked with rival music giant Universal but the firm went on to buy EMI and many of its associated labels. It set up Virgin EMI in March of this year by restructuring its labels and the company will release New on October 14.

New will be Sir Paul's first album of new solo material since Memory Almost Full and was recording in a number of studios including Abbey Road Studios in London, as well as locations in Los Angeles and New York.

Last Updated: 09/14/13 12:11

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Sir Paul McCartney's next album, called New, will see him return to an EMI record label

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Sir Paul McCartney's new album will see him return to an EMI record label - six years after he left the company and branded it "boring".