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McCartney `Out There` Tour, Orlando, Florida for Two Shows

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  • Thanks to Bob Gannon
Report by Bob Gannon: Sound Check
Hi gang,
 Just getting back from the show & soundcheck and it's been a long day. When they brought us into the arena for soundcheck, only Wix was on stage playing with his equipment. A short time later, Brian Ray came out and immediately began playing his guitar parts for Hi,Hi,Hi. He tried several different effects on his guitar until they found the one that they liked. Rusty came out after that and was tuning his guitars on the side of the stage. Finally Abe came out, banged on the drums for a bit and then he and Wix started to jam and were joined in by Brian and Rusty. They played for a bit until Paul came out. Soundcheck was a little short but fun none the less, we got Bluebird, Things We Said Today, Letting Go, and a special jam for Orlando. Before he played "Ram On", Paul explained that actress Keira Knightly had recently been married and she and her husband played "Ram On" for their first song during the wedding reception......Arena is state of the art, very cool place to see a show. Here's the setlist
01. Hi,Hi,Hi- Brian Ray guitar parts
02. Jam (untitled)- Band without Paul
03. Matchbox
04. Honey Don't
05. Jam - Orlando
06. Highway
07. Letting Go
08. C moon
09. Don't let the sun catch you crying
10. Things we said today
11. San Francisco Bay Blues (dedicated to Shelley)
12. Ram On
13. Midnight Special
14. Bluebird
15. Time for your massage
16. Lady Madonna
Report by Bob Gannon: Concert
Hey gang,
Tonight the Out There tour made it's first U.S. visit in Orlando at the Amway Center. The Florida crowd was fantastic and Paul & Band did not disappoint with a spirited show in which they were visibly having a lot of fun. Paul was super animated. First here's the setlist...I think the only thing changed was the order of Hi,Hi,Hi and Band on the Run which was switched. Other than that, all of the new songs were in.
Set List:
01. Eight Days a Week
02. Junior's Farm
03. All My Loving
04. Listen to What the Man Said
05. Let Me Roll It/ Foxy Lady
06. Paperback Writer
07. My Valentine
08. 1985
09. The long and Winding Road
10. Maybe I'm Amazed
11. Hope of Deliverance
12. We Can Work It Out
13. Another Day
14. And I Love Her
15. Blackbird
16. Here Today
17. Your Mother Should Know
18. Lady Madonna
19. All Together Now
20. Mrs Vanderbilt
21. Eleanor Rigby
22. Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite
23. Something
24. Ob-la-Di Ob-La-Da
25. Hi,Hi,Hi
26. Band on the Run
27. Back in the USSR
28. Let it Be
29. Live and Let Die
30. Hey Jude
Encore #1
31. Day Tripper
32. Lovely Rita
33. Get Back
Encore #2
34. Yesterday
35. Helter Skelter
36. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/ The End
As far as the new songs go, they all went over pretty well. Eight Days a week was a nice starter. It was absolutely fabulous not having seen Wings Over America to see "Listen to what the man said" back in the show! "Hope of Deliverance" gave Wix an opportunity to join the other members center stage with a guitar as the very animated Abe Laboriel Jr played bass guitar. He was smiling ear to ear. At one point, he and Paul walked around in circles on the stage together and than sang together on the same mic. I wasn't sure that I was going to be wild about this song but it had been long enough since the 1993 tour where it sounded very nice. Another nice addition was "We Can Work it out"..always loved that song. Followed by "Another Day" which may have been the one with the least reception but the hard core fans loved it! I was kind of not looking forward towards Your Mother Should Know and All Together Now thinking that they may not come off well but they did and they were actually a lot of fun to sing along with so Kudos! Loved Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite & Lovely Rita...nice adds this tour but I was most excited to hear Hi,Hi,Hi and they did not disappoint, they played a torrid version of it!
And now let me address the pre-tour bruhaha!!!  The rising stage. The stage adds about another 10-15 feet from it to the first row. So you're a little further back but not all that much. It's only during two songs "Blackbird" and "Here Today". But while he moves to the front stage and tells the story behind "Blackbird" he is actually closer than he's ever been to the first row. I was in the fourth row and I felt like I could reach out and grab him. Now, as the stage rises, it does make it a little tough to see Paul with the lights in your eyes but it almost gives him a celestial glow, very cool effect. Not sure how it looked from the farther away seats but cool from my vantage point. Can't wait to see it again tomorrow!  All in all, a very,very good show and very entertaining setlist!!

Photos will be up shortly.


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McCartney `Out There` Tour, Orlando, Florida for Two Shows

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