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  • By: Ian Peel

Full-length collaboration with Art of Noise to be released for the first time

"McCartney called in the Art of Noise to remix the track in the summer of 1985," explains project curator (and author of the 2001 biography 'The Unknown Paul McCartney'), Ian Peel.  "It was a mad, cut-and-paste retake that turned the song – McCartney's last US top ten hit – into a left-field electronic collage.  Members of the band have since recalled how both Paul and Linda McCartney joined them – Anne Dudle, JJ Jeczalik and Gary Langan – in the studio for what sounds like a very experimental session.  The finished remix was released on 12" vinyl in November 1985 and has never appeared on CD.  Art of Noise are the linchpin to ZTT's Art of the 12" series, so their remix of Spies Like was top of my list of inclusions for this new Volume II."

"Paul McCartney and his team kindly granted permission for the track to be included but, when the master tapes arrived from their studio, we got a little surprise.  The version they sent was timed at 5:26,but the original vinyl release was 3:58.  Where had this extra minute and a half come from?  I cross referenced the 'new' version with a copy Anne Dudley had saved on cassette from the original sessions and that also turned out to be the full length, 5:26 version."

"So it seems that when the original 12" was pressed, the manufacturers inadvertently cut the track short, shaving off a wonderful minute and a half's-worth of intro and build up.”

“So what everyone will hear on The Art of the 12", Volume II is the complete collaboration between Paul McCartney and Art of Noise, for the first time ever."

The Art of the 12", Volume II is released on 20 February 2012 but ZTT Records through Salvo/Union Square Music.  ZTT's in-house archivist,Ian Peel is credited with devising and compiling both volumes of The Art of the 12" series, as well as 2011's acclaimed CD/DVD compendium, Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise?  He is also author of the 2001 biography 'The Unknown Paul McCartney' which traced, for the first time, the former Beatles' many adventures off the beaten track of pop and into experimental music either anonymously or under pseudonyms including The Fireman and Percy Thrillington.

ZTT Records:
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by mycougar : February 18, 2012 12:13 PM EST (FUNsite member)
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Full-length collaboration with Art of Noise to be released for the first time