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Sir Paul McCartney accused some contemporaries of using tapes rather than their instruments

The former Beatle accused some contemporaries of using tapes rather than their instruments on stage at concerts. He stopped short of naming the fakers, however.

Sir Paul said his long-time friend and engineer Paul Pablo Boothroyd revealed some artists rely on tapes for the majority of their shows.

“To me the concert experience is at the heart of what music is about. You come to a show and you are in the room so it is the real thing.

“I have been to concerts where I think, ‘Oh, I really am in the room with Tony Bennett and it is like he is in my living room’. That is a great part of the experience.

“I then think, ‘Wait a minute, people must think that about me’.

“When we make mistakes playing live, we always now turn it and say, ‘Tell you what – this proves we are live’.

“Then we tell the stories about artists, not named, that our crew know who aren’t performing live. Our sound guy Pablo used to be on some tours and at one point in the show a little red light would go on and he’d be live, and he would play it out for 30 seconds and the light would go off, and the tape would go on again.

“We are glad at the end five of us take a bow and there is nobody hidden under the stage either which I hear some naughty people do… sorry, I won’t say names.”

Pablo has worked with bands including ACDC, Eurythmics and Marillion, but Sir Paul refused to divulge the offenders.

Cheryl Cole was famously accused of miming during her live performances on the X Factor while Elton John criticised Madonna for lip-synching during her 2004 tour.


Last Updated: 12/31/11 23:25

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by edrebber : January 6, 2012 2:54 PM EST (FUNsite member)
If it`s not live, then you`re listening to a DJ, not a concert. Milli Vanilli was crucified, but this is allowed to continue. Go figure.
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by Mike : Ontario, Canada January 6, 2012 8:53 AM EST (FUNsite member)
Lady Ga Ga, New Years Eve. Though she sand lead live, the music and all backup vocals were played back. No band on-stage just dancers. She is being passed as the top entertainer, geez, thanks American Idol.
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by Phil Norris : Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK January 2, 2012 1:17 PM EST (Guest)  click to register
Good on you Paul, when I go to a gig, I pay good money to see and HEAR a `Live` concert. If I want to hear a perfect rendition, I can put a cd on. When you see young upstarts `performing` on TV, very energetically, but not apparently out of breath on the audio, it`s obvious they are miming and then they receive applause! I will name one `act`, many years ago, I saw `Chess` the musical, I was sat next to the mixing console, watching the old fashioned tape go round, no sight of an orchestra or any stage michrophones! The ticket should have stated, `No Live Music- miming to taped music only`. I left in disgust. Macca makes mistakes on stage, several times he has restarted a song, great, that`s what makes it a real, live experience. Keep on rocking Paul.
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Sir Paul McCartney accused some contemporaries of using tapes rather than their instruments