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On The Run: London O2: fan report

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photo by: Bob Gannon
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photo by: Bob Gannon

Report by Bob Gannon:

O2 Sound Check

Blue Suede
Honey Don't
Honey Hush
Only Momma Knows
Penny Lane
C Moon

Whole Lotta Shaking
Sun is Shining
Things We Said
Every Night
Ram On
Lady Madonna



O2 Concert:

Hi Gang,
Lost my friends along the way but finally made it back to my hotel. Start out with soundcheck, it flowed really nicely today with a fantastic version of Sun is Shining! Not a lot of crowd interaction at soundcheck. For some reason they were tight on cameras and the one I always take in was flagged and I was told to put it away after only a few pictures.
Show Setlist:
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photo by: Bob Gannon
01. Hello Goodbye
02. Junior's Farm
03. All my loving
04. Jet
05. Drive my car
06. Sing the Changes
07. The night before
08. Let me roll it/Foxy Lady
09. paperback writer
10. the long and winding road
11. come and get it
12. 1985
13. maybe i'm amazed
14. i've just seen a face
15. I will
16. blackbird
17. here today
18. dance tonight
19. mrs. vanderbilt
20. eleanor rigby
21. something
22. band on the run
23. ob-la-di ob-la-da
24. back in the USSR
25. I've got a feeling
26. a day in the life/give peace a chance
27. let it be
28. live and let die
29. hey jude
1st encore:
30. The Word/All you need is love
31. day tripper
32. get back (with Ronnie Wood)
2nd encore:
33. yesterday
34. helter skelter
35. Golden slumbers/carry that weight/ the end
Show had a fantastic flow to it. Come and Get it sounded great and Paul's voice was in great form after the 3 plus days rest. He announced his kids were in the audience and said "Hi Kids". The big news here is during the 1st soundcheck they were getting ready to do "Get Back" when Paul announced that a specia;l guest would be joining him on stage especially for London. He then said "I',m going to bring a Rolling Stone on stage" and then announced Ronnie Wood who was all smiles. The whole band looked excited to have him on stage with them and all of them greeted and departed with hugs from everyone. Very cool moment, very rare for Paul to bring up a guest of any sort. Well, that's about it, really great show and 3 friends celebrating their 50th birthdays. Signs were pretty much ignored in soundcheck and the show.
Last Updated: 12/10/11 10:02

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On The Run: London O2: fan report

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News Summary

Report by Bob Gannon from sound check and concert, photos included.