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A Fan's Eye View: Bob Gannons Self Published Book on Paul's 2009 & 2010 tours

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  • By: Mike Kovacich

Having been released just one week ago, "A Fan's Eye View" by Bob Gannon has already sky-rocketed to #4 best seller on Blurb allows people to self-publish books very easily and quickly. Bob Gannon is what you would call a super-fan so to speak and this book of 440 pages is filled with accounts, set lists and over 852 photos from Paul McCartney's 2009 & 2010 World tours. For example in the 2009 leg of the tour, Bob was there for 14 of them. 

He reported to MACCA-Central from each and everyone with a brief write-up of his experience, the setlist and of course his many photos he was so kind to share with us. The 2009 leg and this book, begins with The Change Begins Within Us concert on April 4th, where there was that monumentous on-stage reunion of Paul & Ringo. The '09 leg continued on to Vegas, Halifax, 3 Citi Field gigs (from which came the Good Evening NYC DVD), Washington and Fenway Park.  After several more US cities, it was off to Europe, Hamburg, Berlin, Dublin and then ended with the December 22nd gig at the 02 Arena in London and yes Bob was there.

We all were delighted more and more dates were added this tour in 2010 and for those of us who could not attend, Bob sure made us feel a bit like we were there as he continued on with his reports from many shows. They are all here in this book. Actually there are two books. He decided to also pubished a trimmed down version he titled, "A Fan's Eye View: Highlights". No stories, just 150 full page amazing photos of Bob's favourite picture he took of Paul and the band. Quite impressive I must say.

Bob is truly a good friend and I am so happy for him on the success of his first publication. You can preview and/or purchase either books via the respective link below:

"A Fan's Eye View"  (440 pages)

"A Fan's Eye View: Highlights" (161 pages)

Oh yeah, both books are available in softcover, hardcover with dust jacket, and hardcover with imageWrap. Yep, that's Bob on the big screen at one of the shows, not sure which one though.


Last Updated: 03/15/11 11:33

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A Fan's Eye View: Bob Gannons Self Published Book on Paul's 2009 & 2010 tours

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A Fan's Eye View: A look back at Paul McCartney's 2009 & 2010 World tours through the eyes of one of his fans.