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Paul McCartney: 'We'd like Beatles songs to be downloads'

Macca speaks in special '13 covers' Beatles edition of NME - get yours now

Paul McCartney has told NME.COM that he wants The Beatles songs to be available as downloads.

The Fab Four's work has long been absent from official download services, but the bassist and songwriter said he and the band are keen for them to be available online – and blamed record label EMI for the delay.

"We were having problems with iTunes – well not iTunes, EMI was the problem – with downloading, which we'd like to do because that's how a lot of people get their music," explained McCartney.

However, the legend suggested the band have managed to get round the problem by getting involved in the new 'The Beatles: Rock Band' game, which is released tomorrow (September 9).

"We've kind of bypassed that [download problems] because now you can do it in 'Rock Band'," he said. "I always liked that, when you're told you can't do something and suddenly there's a little route round the back."

The Beatle added that his top score on the game is currently "zero" as he's yet to play it.

"I haven't tried it," he admitted. "When you go to a demo they play it and I go, 'God that looks hard!'."

McCartney was speaking to NME as part of this week's special issue devoted to The Beatles.

Featuring 13 different covers - one for each LP release –the issue will be available on UK newsstands from tomorrow (September 9).

Each album's cover will be available to collect from the usual outlets except that of 'Magical Mystery Tour' – which was originally released as a double EP in the UK. That cover is only available from the NME Store.

You can also order any individual album covers too at NME.COM/store now.

Vote for the greatest Beatles track

Photo Gallery - view all 13 NME Beatles collectors' covers Last Updated: 09/09/09 20:34

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by Norwegian Wood : Norwegian Wood September 11, 2009 11:12 AM EDT (Guest)  click to register
Well, the point is: Mono is vinyl. Stereo is CD`s. Hoopla, I just had to say it. Get it off my chest. Phuuuuhhhh. Tji-hi. : )
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by Norwegian Wood : Norwegian Hood September 11, 2009 10:43 AM EDT (Guest)  click to register
I would love a an LP release of the mono box set. I bought the stereo box and it sounds amazing. For now, that`s all I can afford and I chose the stereo version to have a complete set of albums, instead of buying the mono box and then start compiling the stereo albums seperately. And I really don`t want two copies of the same title, no matter what sound. So, please release the mono albums on LP. Next year? Ok, thank you. : )
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by Paul : Fairfax VA September 10, 2009 7:52 PM EDT (Guest)  click to register
Does anyone know whats up with EMI?. I`m sure it`s there way of "trying to slap the Beatles back", for bitch slapping them in court so many times. To me it seems like it`s costing them all a lot of cash.
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Paul McCartney: 'We'd like Beatles songs to be downloads'

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Macca speaks in special '13 covers' Beatles edition of NME - get yours now