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Fans snap up McCartney tickets for Halifax show

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A hard day's night paid off for Paul McCartney fans.
Is Fabian O'Brien a fan? Check out his tattoo.
McCartney fans line up to get the first tickets to the
July 11 concert on the Halifax Common.

About 65 people lined up outside the Halifax Metro Centre on Friday morning to snatch up tickets for the ex-Beatle's July 11 concert.

Thousands of other McCartney fans picked up tickets at grocery stores around the city, while others purchased them online.

Greg Guthro camped out overnight outside the Metro Centre. When the ticket office opened at 9 a.m., his patience was rewarded.

"We're second in line!" he said before calling his brother with the good news. "It's worth the wait."

Colleen Clarke and her husband Dan Galleti are pleased with their "fabulous" seats for the outdoor show.

Is Fabian O'Brien a fan? Check out his tattoo.
Is Fabian O'Brien a fan? Check out his tattoo. (CBC)
"I was growing up in Herring Cove at the age of 10 when I fell in love with Paul McCartney," said Clarke.

Fabian O'Brien can't wait to hear McCartney play anything.

"He can get up there and recite the alphabet and it'll be fine," said O'Brien, showing off a tattoo of the Beatles on his arm.

Early-bird tickets cost $136 a piece, including fees. Between 5,000 and 6,000 VIP tickets were available for $316 each.

Local promoters expect 60,000 fans for the concert in the Halifax Common, the same park where the Rolling Stones played to about 50,000 fans in September 2006.

The July 11 show is McCartney's only concert in Canada this year.

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by Sam : plains May 30, 2009 2:01 PM EDT (Guest)  click to register
Can`t read it, the words go through the pictures.
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Fans snap up McCartney tickets for Halifax show

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A hard day's night paid off for Paul McCartney fans.