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Fan Report: Press Conference

  • Source: Bob Gannon
Photo by Bob Gannon
Just got back from Radio City Music Hall where the David Lynch Press Conference was. Ringo arrived about 11:55 am. He exited his SUV with a hood on and ran to the door with his head down despite fans yelling to him. Paul arrived at approximately 12:20 pm and looked great. He appears to be very happy. He immediately waved to fans and said "there are no professionals here, these won't be on ebay tomorrow will they?" and then walked over to sign autographs. He signed about 8 before someone threw a cd over the top of the surging crowd and either struck Paul or came very close to his face. At this point, he said "I'm sorry, that's it folks". And then walked Radio City. Also seen walking in was Moby.
Ringo was the first to exit and again with his hood pulled over his head, looking down and ran for his SUV once again not acknowledging the fans calls. Barbara was also there. Moby then came out and signed several things and posed for numerous pictures with fans. Finally Paul walked out and despite the earlier incident came back over to the barricades and signed 10-15 more autographs. The crowd began to push and surge behind the barricade and then he decided to stop signing. Paul then entered his SUV and drove away.
Only decent pic I got was him signing

Last Updated: 04/03/09 15:27

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by Mark Rink : Philadelphia April 5, 2009 11:14 AM EDT (FUNsite member)
I`m suprised that the boys (Paul & Ringo) didd`nt mention George Harrison. Very strange..
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by Mimi Amos : Lexington, SC, USA April 5, 2009 1:34 AM EDT (Guest)  click to register
Why would anyone throw something? The world is really lucky that McCartney is still fond of the "little people" who clammer for a place to be near him. We`re lucky he feels like taking the risks involved in being that intimate with strangers. Most of us can approach the famous with at least a modicum of dignity. Which incident like this one will make him change his mind about being so open? It`s probably one reason Ringo has adopted the "duck and run" attitude. AND of course, Ringo did warn us he wasn`t signing anything after, when was it, last October? Hope the concert went well tonight.
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by Mark Rink : Philadelphia April 3, 2009 5:54 PM EDT (FUNsite member)
Whats your problem Ringo? Are you turing into a nasty old man ? Your speech made NO sence at all,leopardsie ? What the hell are you talking about?
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by Mark Rink : Philadelphia April 3, 2009 5:46 PM EDT (FUNsite member)
I thought Macca and Ringo looked great. The press conference was pretty cool. Donovan was much more exciting then Macca and Ringo.Wish I was going to the concert!!
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Fan Report: Press Conference

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Just got back from Radio City Music Hall where the David Lynch Press Conference was.