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Now And Then - reports from New York

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Now then, now then, now then, settle down and strap in because it’s going to get rocky – the Mac is back with the band in town and they’re belting it out better than ever.

You’d have said so too if you’d been downtown in New York City today when the art gallery district got a seismic shake as Paul and the band met up to play for the first time together in more than six months to rehearse for the meditation for schools benefit show here on Saturday night.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and, clearly, makes the voice grow louder. So loud that out in the street beside the aptly-named SIR studios one excited young passer-by stopped passing anywhere to enquire “Is that who it sounds like in there? Is he rehearsing right now? Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

The gang of five are off the leash and rocking through a set that will spill thrills without frills when they take the lid off Saturday’s Change Begins Within gig.

And it wasn’t just everyone who was grinning confidence at the sound that loosened the rivets at SIR. Paul himself is clearly chuffed to be back.

“I’ve missed you guys”, he said as he strapped on the Les Paul for an especially-raucous take of Matchbox, “But now it feels like a band again”.

After five hours of thwacking through faves and some singalong surprises, Paul then took time out to chat on camera with David Lynch, the esteemed Hollywood director whose Foundation presents the Radio City gig that will raise funds to get transcendental meditation classes going for one million kids in schools across the States.

“To me it’s like a seed, like an acorn”, said Paul, who learnt his meditation skills straight from the Mararishi, “if you don’t put it in the ground there’s a pretty good chance that you won’t get an oak tree.

“And now the time is right to seed these kind of ideas that were talked about in the Sixties. It’s all very well to talk about it but people don’t need talk, they need results.

“Now the results are there, kids are benefiting, and it is fabulous to now put meditation in the mainstream like this; the fact that you can show that it works, that school kids get good results from learning meditation, that’s the foot in the door”.

Rock and roll on Saturday night when the seeding starts of the changes….

BUT before that – you won’t want to miss the press conference from Radio City tomorrow, which you can watch live online as Paul and Ringo and David Lynch’s other luminary supporters join the Twin Peaks director to reveal more about this pioneering initiative to put meditation in the classroom. To register to watch, go to

We’ll be back…….. Last Updated: 04/03/09 14:49

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Now And Then - reports from New York

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Now then, now then, now then, settle down and strap in because it`s going to get rocky – the Mac is back with the band in town and they`re belting it out better than ever.