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  • Source: Mike Kovacich

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by Mimi Amos : Lexington, SC, USA April 5, 2009 3:42 AM EDT (Guest)  click to register
I can remember a time when I was personally more at peace within myself and more able to cope with stress. It was at a time I was meditating daily during my years as a "hippie"; following the lead of the people you had here on stage. For some reason, I never quite put together the lack of meditation with the increase in anxiety, depression, BP problems in my life, but they do coincide. This is a fabulous program for the children of the world and a fabulous chance to actually cause positive changes. Perhaps a chain reaction of changes. I was enthusiastic about the program before seeing the press conference and watching the videos, but am now excited about the possibilities. Entertaining the idea of researching farther in order to broach the subject with teachers in the area where I live. David Lynch and Paul McCartney are brilliant and beautiful to have taken this and run with it. So impressed by the number of people involved.
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by Mark Rink : Philadelphia April 3, 2009 2:45 PM EDT (FUNsite member)
It was nice to see Ringo & Paul toghter!!They both look great.I wish I was going to this concert.But with TM I will be there.
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Watch the Press Conference Live

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