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January Donations - What's in store from The Beatles & MACCA for 2009

  • Source: Mike Kovacich
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We are six days into January and we are at 10% of our month's goal.

I'd like to thank some of the regular contributors for kicking off 2009 with a good start. Your donations go a long way to keep this site going into it's twelve year.

This year will bring a lot of Paul and Beatle related projects. We know that Paul will find something huge and amazing to do. He closed out 2008 with a new Fireman release and the BluRay version of The Space Within US. Perhaps we may see a new solo album or some more gigs.

As per The Beatles, I suspect there finally will be a deal to legally digitally download the entire catalog. I'm also looking forward to The Beatles Special Edition of RockBand. Sure hope more than just a few dozen songs are available. There was some discussion that possibly even new instruments could be designed. The drums are pretty decent now, the guitar, well, it's kinda lame but it is simple and it's all about hand/eye co-ordination.  What I would like to see is a keyboard, and wind instrument. Also having a 2nd or selectable vocal track for the vast amount of harmonies in Beatle songs would certainly be unique and quite realistic.

Harmonix is the company who designs instruments for Rockband, the site is under serious re-construction at this time, so no information of what's under development can be found.

All we know is that for The Beatles to choose RockBand, the presentation given to them must have been very impressive. In 2008 both Paul and The Beatles dabble with new technology with their music. Paul dabbled in such as NowPlayIt and The Beatles with iVideosongs.

iVideosongs is the new service that shows aspiring musicians how to play their favorite songs completely and accurately, with the instruction provided by the original artists who wrote, performed and produced them, and also from expert instructors. Click here for the list of Beatle songs on Last Updated: 01/06/09 15:23 See Related MACCA-News Articles:

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January Donations - What's in store from The Beatles & MACCA for 2009

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We are six days into January and we are at 10% of our month's goal.