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Paul McCartney to perform in Israel

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Ex-Beatle scheduled for multi-million dollar September show, final details still in works

by Raz Shechnik

The most famous (living) Beatle of them all, Sir Paul McCartney, will perform in Israel this summer.

Forty-three years after the Israeli government prevented the fab four from holding a concert in the Holy Land;McCartney's mangers have confirmed that arrangements are being made to include Israel in his upcoming tour.

Should everything go according to plan, McCartney will hold a one-time extravaganza in Israel this September. The concert will be held either in Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv or the Ramat Gan Stadium; either on the 18 or the 25 of September. Details are to be finalized within the coming days.

Producer David Zarzevski is said to be the man behind the venture. Zarzevski, who produces the annual Eilat Jazz Festival, has been able to bring prominent performers such as Erika Badu and Lauryn Hill, to name a few, to Israel in the past.

McCartney's production team, which comes in at just over 100 staffers, has extensive demands; heightened security, a special sound system, a huge stage and two vegetarian kitchens at the venue's location topping the list. McCartney is expected to stay in Israel for two days, but his crew will be here for four.

The production costs are estimated at several million dollars, but the performance is expected to do more than just break even.

McCartney, 66, is considered one of the most influential musicians in the past 100 years.,7340,L-3560256,00.html

Last Updated: 06/25/08 16:49

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by michelle : jerusalem, Israel July 11, 2008 7:50 AM EDT (Guest)  click to register
this is great news. I`m so glad Paul is coming. This will bring so much joy to all who love his music and the beatles too. He`s always had a real Jewish cnnection as well, (Brian Epstein, Helen Shapiro, Linda Eastman McCartney, his children, and more) thank you Sir Paul. We all look forward Peace and love Love is all we need!
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Paul McCartney to perform in Israel

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Ex-Beatle scheduled for multi-million dollar September show, final details still in works