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Brazil Soap Opera Eyes McCartney, Rod Stewart

  • Source: Reuters
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - Their lives might sometimes read like soap operas -- now Sir Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart and other music stars have the chance to be in one.

The producers of a new Brazilian soap opera "Celebridades" (Celebrities) say they are in contact with agents for the veteran rockers as well as Spanish crooner Alejandro Sanz and jazz singer-pianist Diana Krall, to persuade them to make guest appearances in the show.

They would take part as themselves in episodes set in Europe, a Globo spokesperson said on Wednesday.

The show, written by top Brazilian soap writer Gilberto Braga, is due to be launched in October by the media giant Globo.

It features Brazilian actress Malu Mader as a concert promoter and revolves around the ups and downs of the show business life. Scenes have already been filmed in Paris and London, Globo said.

No comment was immediately available from representatives of the possible guest stars. No contracts have been signed, Globo said.

Brazilian soap operas are enormously popular. The filming of a dramatic scene in the current favorite "Mulheres Apaixonadas" (Women in Love) in which the heroine is gunned down in Rio de Janeiro was front-page news in some newspapers on Wednesday.

They are also lucrative for the producers as they are sold to other countries in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.


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Brazil Soap Opera Eyes McCartney, Rod Stewart

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