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Paul & Heather take a bike ride

  • Source: by Mike Kovacich
Romantic ... Paul and Heather take a ride along the prom
Romantic ... Paul and Heather take a ride along the prom
Day chip-per ... clever Heather manages to pedal and snack at the same time
Get bike ... Sir Paul rides along the seafront while holding his own tray of chips
I normally don't report on every aspect of Paul's personal life as I try to respect their privacy as much as possible. Saying that I thought it was interesting that Paul and Heather were out for a relaxing bike ride. This counters some reports that Paul is still sick.

The article below was in The Sun.

Macca is a day tripper


EX-BEATLE Paul McCartney and wife Heather cycled almost unnoticed in the spring sunshine yesterday.

They looked just like a couple of ordinary day-trippers as they took a romantic ride on mountain bikes along the prom at Brighton.

And they even showed their handlebar skills by eating trays of chips " don't try this at home folks " as they weaved among other sun-seekers.

Paul, 60, in the middle of a major UK tour, looked relaxed in T-shirt, shorts and sandals while Heather sported a jacket, cropped trousers, floppy hat and trainers.

The couple rode to the Palace Pier before stopping off for a cold drink at a café. Heather, 35, bought a £1million seafront home in Brighton six months ago.

Macca and Heather are the latest in a string of showbiz couples featured in The Sun this week proving lurve is in the air.

Local Paul Bryson, 38, who saw them, said: "They seemed so happy. It was a boiling day and they were making the most of it. A few people did spot who they were but I don't think they could believe their eyes."


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Paul & Heather take a bike ride

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