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FANfeedback: 1st Antwerp Concert Report:

  • Source: by Mike Kovacich
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photo 1 by Marlene Vella
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photo 2 by Marlene Vella
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photo 3 by Marlene Vella
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photo 4 by Marlene Vella
Here is some FANfeedback from Paul fans who attended the show. If you have some comments on this or other Paul concerts, please send your comments and ticket scans to MACCA-Central and your report will be in MACCA-News as well as in MACCA-Concerts as a link for this particular concert.


Hi Mike

I was at the concert last Wednesday and managed to grab a few photos of the concert despite the tight security. I am attaching the clearest ones that I managed to snap. Hope you will show them on your website!!!

The concert was fantastic and everybody had a good time. However I must admit that most of the time the Belgian audience surprised me because a lot of people were too calm and composed throughout the concert and many remained calmly seated until the last half hour. By that time, however, Paul managed to bring the house down !!! :))

Keep up the excellent work. We need people like you to spread the word !!


Report from Wouter Demuyt,Oostkamp - Belgium:
He's getting better all the time! Macca's April 1st Antwerp show was a display of sheer magic. Paul played 36 songs. The order of play was the same as in the Paris and Barcelona shows (so with a muscular performance of Birthday). Some anecdotes: - The interactive SMS display on stage was fun. You could just send a message and a couple of minutes later it was on screen. Some people (unfortunately not me) got invited to the front row. - Paul anounced he would speak 'Belgian' throughout the evening. His Dutch was very understandable if heavily accented, which was very much appreciated by the crowd. - During Here Today you could hear the driving rain on the roof in the background, which corresponded with the tearlike video images and made the song even more intense. The roof must have been leaking a bit, cause I could feel tiny drops of water sprinkling down from heaven. I guess John was touched up there. - Following Here Today some people started chanting Give Peace A Chance (as in Paris and Barcelona) and Paul encouraged and applauded them, but the audience didn't really join in. - They did join in however, when after performing Something, Paul said "What about Ringo?" and sang the words "In the town...". So we all sang the first verse and a chorus of Yellow Submarine. He then stopped the crowd and said we wouldn't be doing the entire Ringo Starr catalogue, but still played the first notes of Octopus's Garden on his acoustic guitar, and again everybody joined in with a couple of lines from that. - In Here There And Everywhere Paul got the lyrics just a little wrong. Instead of "...each one believing that love never dies...", he started repeating "...both of us thinking..." then realised he was wrong and went on as if nothing had happened. I don't think a lot of people will have noticed anyway. - When Rusty got to do his bit of addressing the audience, he took a pocket camera and said he wanted to take a picture of the crowd to take home with him (because we were so great). He asked us to get closer together so he could fit us all in! - Paul really rocked the building. Especially during I Saw Her Standing There you could feel the concrete floor moving to the rhythm of people stamping there feet to the beat. So, if you can still grab a ticket for one of the upcoming shows, don't hesitate to do so. I thought the show was even better than 10 years ago. Sound, light, video and fireworks (during Live And Let Die) are impressive, Paul's voice is purer than ever, the band is really forceful (understatement of the year) and the drummer is in it 'body and soul'. Keep rocking!
Report from Barbara Hennebert:
Paul was superb!!! There were no changes in the track list yesterday night compared to Paris' concert. Paul voice was ok...even if it cracked once or twice at the very beginning.

The Sportpaleis in Antwerp is pretty small compared to Paris Bercy, having 8000 sitting places. I was in row 14, which was pretty close to the stage and so I had a perfect view of Paul ( while in Paris I was among the crowd so it was a little bit more difficult to follow the whole show); Paul was dressed exactly the same way: jeans, red long-sleeves shirt, black jacket. With my uttermost delight the show began on time, starting with the same ballet/show as I have reported for Paris.

I am sorry to say the audience was very much colder. I mean: nobody was shouting at the first notes of a song...the applauses were long but not so ... warm...and NOBODY STAND UP TO DANCE ... at the beginning. There were a few people sitting at the very first row that tried to stand but the security came immediately to ask them to be seated . Wow! I was there with my husband , my italian friend and her flemish fiancée. My girlfriend and I were a little bit shocked at that, so we asked our flemish friend what was going on: apparently that's the way the northern public is, but he made it clear that it doesn't mean they didn't like the show ( and you could very well see it from their faces : everybody was smiling and you could see they liked it);; simply they are quiter! Hopefully Paul was told that as well! I think he was a bit surprised as well as he tried to warm up the audience endlessy... he even arrived to say: " Well Paris' audience was great... what about you?".

To be honest at the very 4 or 5 last songs there was an uproar: people from the front rows decided they wanted to stand up, and they WOULD have stood up, no matter what the security say. A soon as we saw that the 4 of us left our seats and flew near the stage, third row standing, sooooo close as there was almost no barriers between the stage and the first row.

As I told you there were no changes on the track list; Paul was able to speak in flemish. I do not speak flemish at all, but I understood all he said and when he asked if his flemish was good , he said " I have studied it for 3 years!!! Or maybe just this evening... you'll never know"; He was very much moved when he sang My Love. He said in flemish the song was dedicated to Linda and then approachin to the piano he said very softly " this is for you", but I don't think this was a phrase meant for the public to be heard, it was so softly said ... and at the end of the song you could really see from his face that something was wrong. I really felt sorry for him.

He dedicated Here Today to John...and when the song was finished Paul stood in silence for a while looking at the public and waiting for Give Peace a Chance to come..and incredible... NO REACTION.. He looked a little bit lost and so he got his Ukulele and began to test the chords when one single brave man started to sing John's song ( he was probably french LOL). Paul stopped to play the ukulele put a hand at his ears and said " What do you say? Say it again , say it again" And so the single person sung out loud and a couple of others joined ( but very very few); Paul said " Exactly!" and the camera showed a palm-size peace logo hanging from the microphone on the piano. No more reactions about that.

As soon as Something was finished Paul himself ( and not the public as in Barcelona) said " And Ringo?? What about Ringo?", so he began to sing Yellow Submarine...the public was so happy! Somebody in the first row started to sing Octopus Garden as well and Paul stopped him " We are not here to perform all Ringo' album!".

One moment of panic: Paul missed a step while trying to reach the piano ( Abe was talking so most of the public eyes were on him) and failed to fall but luckly ous man is still young and athletic so he saved himself!

That's all!! - See you soon in London!, Barbara

Report from Martine: Martine
Oh and thank you for your personal sms reply See Related MACCA-News Articles:

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FANfeedback: 1st Antwerp Concert Report:

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