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Rome Tells McCartney Not To Disturb Pope

  • Source: by Darryl Morden - Launch Music
Paul McCartney has been told not to disturb Pope John Paul (news - web sites) II during an upcoming free concert in Rome on May 11. The former Beatle will perform a three-hour show outside the historic Roman Coliseum, and more than 300,000 people are expected to attend. The site is near the Vatican (news - web sites) and there is concern that the 82-year-old Pope will be kept awake by the evening concert.

Tour promoter Barrie Marshall said, "We have been advised by Italian contacts that the show could keep His Holiness the Pope up all night."

The request did not come from the Vatican, but from Italian concert promoters in Rome. However, McCartney may still turn down the volume a bit and even drop some of his loudest-rocking numbers like "Back In The U.S.S.R" and "Live And Let Die." He is also considering a more acoustic type of show, though no decision has been made yet.

A spokesman for McCartney said, "We don't want to tone down the rock 'n' roll element in the set--we reckon the Pope may actually enjoy a boogie. But we don't want problems with the neighbors."

Promoter Marshall commented, "Obviously we do not want to cause any offense or sleeplessness to His Holiness and, because of the closeness of the Vatican to the show at the Coliseum, we are now considering our position on performing loud rock songs."

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Rome Tells McCartney Not To Disturb Pope

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