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Sir Paul McCartney releases his live DVD and CD 'Back In The World - Live' next week in the UK and last night dotmusic got a sneak preview.

Macca held a pre-release screening at a secret London location to kick-start the European leg of the tour that opens in Paris on March 25.

During the drinks reception Paul and Heather Mills greeted guests that included Beatles producer Sir George Martin, his touring band and members of the European media, before the invitees moved to the cinema to see the film.

The two-hour 'rock n'road' movie captures the tour from the perspective of Sir Paul, his band and the extended family of crew that made the US leg of the show such a success.

There's a chance to witness the stage show first hand and you can't argue with the setlist that's a non-stop hit parade of Beatles, Wings and solo McCartney material. Highlights of the performance the supersonic 'Jet', the (literally) explosive 'Live And Let Die' and the acoustic interlude that included 'Blackbird' and 'We Can Work It Out'.

As well as the show, the cameras follow Sir Paul around while he's soundchecking, travelling between gigs, enjoying a day off and meeting fans.

As the film's credits rolled Sir Paul jumped onto the stage, thanked everyone for their support and said he was looking forward to playing in the UK for the first time in over a decade.

A unanimous cheer went up when he asked if the audience thought the band were great and a witty good natured heckler shouted back: "Shame about the singer!"

The release is a fascinating purchase for any Beatles fan and whets the appetite for the UK dates that are now only a month away.


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Back in MACCA's World

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