Beautiful Night is a song from Paul's Flaming Pie album. It has been released as a single in the UK and abroad.  Here is an audio sample of Beautiful Night, Paul talking about it and lyrics:  

Working together on The Beatles Anthology prompted Paul to suggest to Ringo that the two work together again, which they hadn't done for fully ten years. Although, in the end, more than one piece evolved from the revived collaboration, it was with 'Beautiful Night' in mind that Paul invited Ringo to join him in the studio once more. The song was a decade old itself, and a recording made in New York had been lying on the shelf, unused, since 1986, admired by those who had had heard it but not quite the ideal version as far as Paul was concerned. 

Now, with some minor lyric changes, he was preparing to have another go. With Paul at the piano and Ringo on drums, the song came together comfortably. Wanting to play some guitar on the end, Paul introduced a new element to his composition, the uptempo finale, and the microphone caught some characteristic ad-libbing by Ringo and Paul as they prepared to leave the studio. The recording then remained the same for nine months before Paul decided to have it enhanced by an orchestral arrangement, scored by George Martin and recorded in Studio One at Abbey Road on 14 February 1997. 

Stills from the Video
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PAUL McCARTNEY has reformed The Beatles' rhythm section and made one of the most lavish videos of his career for the release of his Christmas single- Beautiful Night.  The single will be released by Parlophone Records on December 15th.  

Much attention around the release is expected to be caused by director Julien Temple's spectacular - and lengthy - video, which includes scenes of actress Emma Moore stripping naked to go skinny dipping in the River Mersey and also sees Paul performing with a new band of 16-year-old London schoolboys whilst being "bombed" by falling TV sets. 

Beautiful Night - taken from Paul's acclaimed solo album Flaming Pie - reunites the Beatles bassist with Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, who play on the track and provides its Beatle-humoured ending. 

"I think everyone who makes a record always has that option, to leave the daft stuff on at the end", said Paul, "You nearly always fade it out but at the end of Beautiful Night. It has been such a good take that Ringo started having fun, acting like he was a doorman, throwing people out. I love that so much, it's very Beatley. It's a very Beatley idea to do that, because we did a bit of that in the group. 

"But Beautiful Night also actually sounds a bit Beatley too. In fact, I swear that at the end of Beautiful Night you can almost hear a sort of very John Lennony voice in there. Listen to it, check it out. 

"It was a bit eerie listening to that - and I thought 'Wow! It's so Beatley sounding, that. I love it". 

Working with Ringo on The Beatles Anthology projects spurred Paul to hook up in the studio with Ringo again for Beautiful Night, which was in part recorded at Abbey Road and orchestrated by George Martin. 

Said Paul: "Ringo and I had not worked together for a long time before we did Free As A Bird. Then we did Real Love and it was just such a laugh that I said I was doing a new album and I'd love for him to drum on a couple of tracks. 

"So I got Beautiful Night together, Ringo came down to my studio and we did it and it was such great fun. It was really good to see that Ringo and I locked in, the Beatles rhythm section, drum and bass, we just locked in. It would have been kindo of disappointing if we'd lost it, but we hadn't. I suppose we'd just played together for so many years with The Beatles that it was still there and really  easy to record together". 

Ringo added: "Paul invited me to play on Beautiful Night and I said 'sure' because it was a beautiful track. We spent the day recording together and I still feel really comfortable playing with his bass-playing - well, playing with him basically, that drums and bass. We have all that history and it all comes into play when we play together. You just can't dismiss that". 

Although he admits to the influence of the spirit of The Beatles Anthology on many of the songs on Flaming Pie, Paul says he didn't set out to replicate his past. 

"I didn't consciously start off trying to make a Beatles sound, although these days I don't try to avoid it", said Paul. 

"There are a lot of other people trying to make that same sound, with great success too. But that's good, it's a turn-on for me. I suppose you could say that when I play it's sort of a Beatles sound anyway. I didn't avoid it or go for it. It just came out that way".

Below are some articles that apeared in other media. 

FIRST THE BEATLES, then Wings - now Spud.  London rock band Spud have gone straight to the top of the pops - as Paul McCartney's new band. 

The 16 year old rockets from Ealing are to make their TV debut on ITVs The Chart Show as the co-stars of the video for Paul's Christmas single, BN. 

The 4 piece band spent all day filing with Paul and Linda on the Nightingale Estate, Hackney, where the video makers spent much of the time throwing TV sets out of the 20th floor windoes on the tower blocks as part of the action. 

For other scenes Spud got a double Beatle bonus - when they were filmed playing with Ringo Starr, who drums on the song. 

The video's director, Julian Temple, make of the Patsy Kensit move Absolute Beginners, hired Spud after spotting the band play at a London Club. 

"It was wild" said Spud guitarist Gareth Johnson, "we've been gigging around London regularly for the past 6 months and now we'ere playing with Paul and Ringo.  Talk about dreams coming true......" 

LONDON, Dec 3, 1997 (Reuters) 
Saucy ``Hey Nude'' scenes had to be cut from a Sir Paul McCartney video to avoid it being banned from British television. 

McCartney combined with fellow former Beatle Ringo Starr to record ``Beautiful Night'' with Spud, a London school rock band of 16-year-olds. 

The video's director, Julien Temple, filmed actress Emma Moore disrobing and swimming naked for the video's closing scenes. 

They had to be cut out for the British television version, a spokesman for the singer said on Wednesday. 

``However another hot and uncut version of the Beautiful Night video will be available worldwide to television programmes who are not restricted by censorship or nudity,'' said spokesman Geoff Baker. 

Starr and McCartney had already reunited with George Harrison to make the Beatles anthology and record two tracks left by John Lennon, murdered in New York in 1980. 

McCartney and Starr both said they loved collaborating again for the new single timed for the lucrative Christmas market. 

``It was really good to see that Ringo and I locked in -- the Beatles rhythm section, drum and bass, we just locked in,'' McCartney said. 

``I suppose we just played together for so many years with the Beatles that it was still there and really easy to record together,'' he added. 

Starr agreed: ``We have all that history and it all comes into play when we play together. You just cannot dismiss that.'' 

No nudes in McCartney video 
LONDON/Associated Press 
Paul McCartney agreed to cut scenes containing full frontal nudity from his new video - jokingly dubbed "Hey Nude" - after learning two British TV networks planned to trim the footage if he didn't. 

The scenes from McCartney's video for his new song Beautiful Night show a man and a woman swimming naked in a river. 

The former Beatle played bass played bass on the song, which also reunited him with drummer Ringo Starr. "It's so Beatle sounding," 

McCartney said. "Ringo and I locked in the Beatles' rhythm section. I suppose we'd just played together so many years with the Beatles that it was still there and real easy to record together. 

"West Australian" newspaper Dec.3rd 1997 
HEY NUDE: SIR PAUL  by Deidre Stark 

Squeaky clean former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has shocked music critics with a film clip containing full-frontal male and female nude shots for his next song. 

McCartney, 55, approved the clip for his Christmas single, Beautiful Night, but British and US television bosses have banned the raunchy scenes, opting to show heavily censored versions. Cynics have suggested the offending scenes - of a naked man and woman frolicking together in an icy-cold river - are a blatant bid to win over young fans with sexy antics. 

But McCartney has laughed off that claim, saying he needs no stunts because the song is a quality work. He said he was proud to have rekindled his relationship with another former Beatle, drummer Ringo Starr, who played drums on the single with McCartney. "It was really good to see that Ringo and I clicked - the Beatles rhythm section," he said "It would have been disappointing if we'd lost it.  I suppose we'd played together for so many years that it was still there." 

A collegue of McCartney conceded he had taken a chance with the video clip, but was confident it would pay off. "It's without doubt the riskiest thing Paul's done in a long time," he said. "People were stunned to discover he had nude women and men frolicking in the Mersey river to promote his single. "The jokes have already started about 'Hey Nude' but he sees the funny side." 

Oprah Winfrey axed the scenes from the video when it was screened during McCartney's recent appearance on her US talk show. But the censored version of the clip still shows 24-year-old London model Emma Moore enjoying a naked frolic in the river. 

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