Somedays At first, one session was all it took to commit 'Somedays' on to tape, but Paul felt that it could be enhanced by an arrangement. At this time he was occasionally meeting with George Martin at Abbey Road, sifting through unissued archive Beatles recordings for the Anthology albums (and still nervous, 30 years on, that he would not be the cause of any musical breakdowns...), and Paul asked George if he would listen to 'Somedays' and consider scoring it for an orchestra. "I see you haven't lost your touch!" was the considered response; a 14-piece ensemble overdubbed their contribution on 10 June 1996.

" I'd driven Linda to a photo session for one of her cookery assignments. Knowing she'd be about two hours, I set myself a deadline to write a song in that time - so that when she'd finished and would say 'Did you get bored? What did you do?', I could say 'Oh. I wrote this song. Wanna hear it?' "

Producer: Paul McCartney
Orchestration: George Martin
Engineers: Geoff Emerick, Jon Jacobs
Assistant Engineers: Keith Smith, Geoff Foster
Studio Location: Sussex, England, Orchestra recorded at AIR Lyndhurst, London, England
Recording began 1 November 1995

Paul McCartney: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Spanish Guitar, Bass Guitar
David Snell: Conductor
Keith Pascoe; Violin
Jackie Hartley; Violin
Rita Monning: Violin
Peter Monning: Violin
Chris Kampen: Celli
Martin Loveday: Celli
Peter Lale: Viola
Levine Andrade: Viola
Andy Findon: Alto Flute
Martin Parry: Flutes
Michael Cox: Flutes
Gary Kettel: Percussion
Skaila Kango: Harp
Roy Corter: Oboe/Cor Anglais