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Track: Young Boy
Album/CD: Flaming Pie
Artist: Paul McCartney
Composer: Paul McCartney
Track Time: 3:54
Release: 1997

Paul McCartney lead vocal, drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, Hammond organ
Steve Miller backing vocal, electric guitar, rhythm guitar

Writer Paul McCartney
Producer Paul McCartney
Engineers Geoff Emerick/Jon Jacobs, assisted by Keith Smith/Frank Farrell
Studio location Idaho, USA
Recording began 22 February 1995

The emerging talent of young guitarist James McCartney had been prompting son-to-father questions about "early days". Among the pieces re-played from the vinyl years had been 'My Dark Hour', recorded by Steve Miller and (hiding under the pseudonymous surname Ramon) Paul McCartney in May 1969, after a Beatles Abbey Road session had broken up following a business quabble. Listening again to 'My Dark Hour' Paul was minded to resume the double-act after a 25 year pause, venturing out to Miller's studio in snowbound Idaho after the Beatles had completed 'Real Love'. The two musicians set to work in the same manner as before, Paul drumming while Steve wound up the lead guitar. Paul and Steve then played guitar tracks, Paul added bass and the lead vocal, and Steve contributed harmonies.

" This was another written against the clock. I wrote it in the time that it took Linda to cook a lunch for a feature in The New York Times. It was great to renew my Sixties friendship with Steve Miller; working with Steve again was like falling back into an old habit."