Memory Almost Full - Front Cover
Track: Vintage Clothes
Album/CD: Memory Almost Full
Artist: Paul McCartney
Composer: Paul McCartney
Track Time: 2:24
Release: 2007

The latter half of the album is made up mostly of a five-song medley, McCartney's first since his
"Little Lamb Dragonfly" medley on the 1973 Red Rose Speedway. "He said one day that it was the
only song he ever wrote the words to first, except for ‘All My Loving,'" Kahne says.

Basic track recording for those five songs, which were recorded separately, was done with the band
at Abbey Road, though overdubbing continued for long after at The Mill, Henson and at Kahne's studio
in New York City. Transitions between songs were recorded either during tracking of a song or as a pickup later.
"Vintage Clothes," with its unusual tempo changes, features McCartney on piano and acoustic guitar,
with Anderson playing electric. "I like some of the electric guitar sounds because it's evocative of some
of the sounds they achieved at Abbey Road like on the ‘Sgt. Pepper' reprise," Kahne notes.
Background vocals are, as Kahne puts it, "stacks of Paul." McCartney's Mellotron — captured from Abbey Road
long ago — is the same one featured doing the "flute" opening on "Strawberry Fields Forever," and he is, in fact,
playing that very setting on this recording.