Flaming Pie - Front Cover
Track: Used To Be Bad
Album/CD: Flaming Pie
Artist: Paul McCartney
Composer: P. McCartney/S. Miller
Track Time: 4:08
Release: 1997

Paul McCartney lead vocal, drums, bass guitar
Steve Miller lead vocal, electric guitar

Writers Steve Miller/Paul McCartney
Producer Paul McCartney
Engineers Geoff Emerick/Jon Jacobs, assisted by Keith Smith
Studio location Sussex, England
Recorded 5 May 1995

Having enjoyed 'Young Boy' Steve Miller was keen to extend the collaboration, wanting to get Paul singing some "Texas blues". As a consequence, he arrived at their second set of sessions with dozens of guitar riffs; this prompted Paul to climb behind the drum kit and the pair played away for some time, kicking around ideas, until Miller began adding words to the jam, utilising blues lines like "I used to be bad but I don't have to be bad no more". Once the piece had gelled Paul overdubbed bass and Steve added some solos before they traded the vocal lines.

" This was just a jam, really. Steve whacked out these blues riffs, I got on the drums and we just went for it - a duet, sung on one mike. We did the vocal in one take. "