Flaming Pie - Front Cover
Track: Souvenir
Album/CD: Flaming Pie
Artist: Paul McCartney
Composer: Paul McCartney
Track Time: 3:38
Release: 1997

Paul McCartney lead vocal, backing vocal, drums, piano, harpsichord,
piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar

Jeff Lynne backing vocal, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard
Kevin Robinson trumpet
Chris 'Snake' Davis saxophone

Writer Paul McCartney
Producers Jeff Lynne/Paul McCartney
Engineers Geoff Emerick/Jon Jacobs, assisted by Keith Smith
Studio location Sussex, England
Recording began 19 February 1996

Written during a relaxing holiday in Jamaica in January 1995, the later studio recording of 'Souvenir' saw Paul anxious to replicate the easy atmosphere of his original demo, which carried the additional sounds of a ringing telephone and tropical downpour. So the demo was laid into the multi-track tape as a guide for the studio recording and each element of the original was carefully listened to and replicated. The 78-rpm-like coda was added after Jeff and Paul saw co-engineer Jon Jacobs carrying a key-fob with a built-in sound sampler. The end vocal effect was added using this as the medium.

I had sort of Wilson Picket, R&B number in my mind with this. I could imagine some soul guy getting to grips with it. It's a favorite of mine and I'm lookinf forward, hopefully, to some R&B singer doing it. "