Memory Almost Full - Front Cover
Track: See Your Sunshine
Album/CD: Memory Almost Full
Artist: Paul McCartney
Composer: Paul McCartney
Track Time: 3:22
Release: 2007

Kahne says this track features Paul playing bass at his absolute best.
There was a bass fix that we needed to do, right before the bridge, which I asked him to do.
He played it and was just goofing around he was playing all over the place, like only he can play;
ust amazing stuff. So I asked him, ‘Can you play from the beginning of the song the same way?'
And he goes, ‘Sure,' which he did. When we were done, I said, ‘Well, that could be the bass part,'
and he said, ‘I don't know…' He thought it was too busy, but after he listened to it,
he said, ‘That's really cool.'

The two also spent a good amount of time on drums. We just kept doing more and more drums and loops,
Kahne says, just getting the groove right and the tempo. We gave it several tempo changes.
A few hours' work also generated the song's wonderfully soulful background vocals.
It's a voicing of the piano part, so it's really an orchestration rather than a brand-new part.