Flaming Pie - Front Cover
Track: Really Love You
Album/CD: Flaming Pie
Artist: Paul McCartney
Composer: McCartney/Starkey
Track Time: 5:14
Release: 1997

Paul McCartney lead vocal, backing vocal, bass guitar, electric guitar, Wurlitzer piano
Jeff Lynne backing vocal, electric guitar
Ringo Starr drums

Writers Paul McCartney/Richard Starkey
Producers Paul McCartney/Jeff Lynne
Engineers Geoff Emerick/Jon Jacobs, assisted by Keith Smith
Studio location Sussex, England
Recording began 14 May 1996

The day after Ringo and Paul recorded 'Beautiful Night' the pair returned to the studio and began a jam session, Paul plucking his Hofner Violin bass, Ringo beating the drums and Jeff Lynne playing guitar. Three pieces evolved inside half an hour, 'Really Love You' best charting the desired R&B groove, with Paul adding an off-the-cuff vocal. Credited to McCartney/Starkey - a first-ever credit for a released tune - the jam was completed by some guitar and vocal overdubs and mixed after Ringo had returned home. Played to him over the telephone by Paul, Ringo's response - "It's relentless!" remains the best description of the finished result.

" Doing Beautiful Night with Ringo wasn't enough. I wanted more fun. So we jammed. The actor's worst dream being on stage not knowing what play he's in - doing this vocal was like that, you can go anywhere. You've got to clear your mind - and play bass - let your head go and ad-lib it all. "