Track: Oh Woman, Oh Why
Artist: Paul McCartney & Wings
Single: B-side from the single "Another Day"
Format: 7" vinyl 45
Composer: Paul McCartney
Track Time: 4:35
Flipside: Another Day : A-side
Release: 1971
UK Release: 02/19/71 - Catalog: Apple R 5889
US Release: 02/22/71 - Catalog:

Producers: Paul & Linda McCartney
Engineers: Tim, Ted, Phil, Dixson, Armin and Jim

Paul McCartney: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Linda McCartney: Vocals
Dave Spinoza: Guitars
Hugh McCracken: Guitars
Denny Seiwell: Drums

"Oh Woman, Oh Why" is a song by musician Paul McCartney. It was first released on the Apple Records label in February 1971 as the B-side to "Another Day", his debut solo single. The release achieved top-5 status on both sides of the Atlantic, reaching U.S. #5 and U.K. #2 in April 1971.[1] The song has been praised for McCartney's impressive range of pitch.

This B-side "Oh Woman, Oh Why" is a tense, blusey rocker with a rip-roaring vocal from Paul. Combined with drummer Seiwell's thunderous drumming, "Oh Woman, Oh Why" establishes a solid foundation upon which tight guitar lines interweave. McCartney's gritty vocal is one of his best and provides some convincing authenticity to this blues based rocker. [2] [3] [3]

Although "Another Day" and "Oh Woman, Oh Why" were not originally released as part of a Paul McCartney album, they were released as bonus tracks on later editions of Ram.

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This is the B-side Paul's 1st 45 rpm single.