Memory Almost Full - Front Cover
Track: Mr. Bellamy
Album/CD: Memory Almost Full
Artist: Paul McCartney
Composer: Paul McCartney
Track Time: 3:41
Release: 2007

This track is about a fellow who climbed up a building and won't come down.
Recorded in March of '06 at The Mill, it is one of four songs that were tracked that day.
Instrumentation-wise, McCartney built the song following the lyrics. McCartney sang two vocal lines
during the song's second bridge, a favorite of Kahne's. The vocal from the first B' section comes in
halfway through, and it really makes a good counterpoint vocal, Kahne recalls.
Concert-quality double melody, and you can hear them both very clearly.
They cross each other, but you can still hear them.

For drums during the song's "B" sections, McCartney chose to play his kick in an unusual manner.
"He wanted this kick pattern that was real quick. He was thinking it, but he couldn't get his foot to
do it the right way. So he jumped off the drum kit and undid the beater of the bass drum, and he
got on his knees and played it by hand." The drums are played normally during the rest of the song,
creating a dynamic contrast.

One other detail was kept in from the original session: "We were recording, and there was a guy
there doing a photo shoot, taking some pictures. You can actually hear his shutter snap on the song,
which I left in the intro because the guy in the song is sort of in that situation, which fit."