Run Devil Run - Front Cover

Track: Lonesome Town
Album/CD: Run Devil Run
Artist: Paul McCartney
Composer: Knight
Track Time: 3:29
Release: 1999

Producers: Chris Thomas, Paul McCartney
Engineers: Geoff Emerick, Paul Hicks
Mastered: Steve Rooke
Studio Location: Abbey Road Studios
Recorded: 3/3/99

Paul McCartney: Vocal, Bass Guitar
David Gilmour: Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mick Green: Electric Guitar
Pete Winfield: Piano
Ian Paice: Drums
Dave Mattacks: Percussion

"Mick Green (The Pirates) tells me 'Lonesome Town' was an A-side, I thought it was a B-side - but I loved it. 'Lonesome Town' is like 'Heartbreak Hotel', it's a place we all know... You hit a nerve with everyone with those kind of songs. It's a nice song, sort of Elvis-y, and as I was coming to do it, I thought I'll do it like that. But as the session came nearer I thought, nah, I can't just do it like him. Some of the tracks, like 'Blue Jean Bop' and 'She Said Yeah', I don't need to go far off the original, I know it'll be different enough when I do it. But with 'Lonesome Town' I was worried it was going to be a pale imitation of Ricky - and he got there first, so fair dues.

"But in actual fact, when I got to the studio, I said I know what I'll do - I'll do it high... and I was looking for the new key. But the great thing with working so fast was that I had to come up with a solution exactly like The Beatles would have done. So I got Dave [Gilmour - Pink Floyd] to sing the harmony, which we thought of in five seconds flat. Let's try it. It works. Great, OK, that's it. That was the excitement of working that way."