Flaming Pie - Front Cover

Track: Little Willow
Album/CD: Flaming Pie
Artist: Paul McCartney
Composer: Paul McCartney
Track Time: 2:55
Release: 1997

Paul McCartney: lead vocal, backing vocal, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, Spanish guitar,
electric guitar, piano, harpsichord, harmonium, mellotron, percussion effects

Jeff Lynne: backing vocal, electric spinette, harpsichord

Writer: Paul McCartney
Producers: Paul McCartney/Jeff Lynne
Engineers: Geoff Emerick/Jon Jacobs, assisted by Keith Smith
Studio location: Sussex, England
Recording began 21 November 1995

'Little Willow' was written after Paul learned of the death of a dear friend. He created the song not only as an immediate personal response to the sadness but, hopefully, as a salve for his late friend's children. The studio recording, begun ten months later (on the day that The Beatles Anthology 1, with 'Free As A Bird', was released), is an eloquent combination of voice and instrumentation, Paul's work being augmented by Jeff Lynne.

" I wanted to somehow convey how much I thought of her. For her and her kids. It certainly is heartfelt and I hope it will help a bit. "