Back in the US - Front Cover
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Track: I Saw Her Standing There
Album/CD: Back in the US
Artist: Paul McCartney
Composer: McCartney/Lennon
Track Time: 3:08
Release: 2002

With John and me on a song, if I come up with some lines which I know aren't really very good and I'm just hoping to fool him, I know I won't. [This song] was the best example of it. I though of the idea driving home from a concert in Southport. I had 'She was just seventeen', and then 'Beauty queen'. I knew this was rubbish, and that I'd put it down just because it rhymed. When I showed it to John, he screamed with laughter, and said, 'You're joking about that line, aren't you?' And I realised that, in fact, it was and we changed it.