Memory Almost Full - Front Cover
Track: House Of Wax
Album/CD: Memory Almost Full
Artist: Paul McCartney
Composer: Paul McCartney
Track Time: 5:01
Release: 2007

The climactic "House of Wax," which McCartney played live on his handful of "secret gig" shows
supporting the album, again features the band, with McCartney providing the crying blues guitar solo.
"The solos were a big deal for me," Kahne recalls. "Those sections were blank; we didn't know what
we were going to put there. I heard ‘Taxman' on the radio, for which he'd done the solo, and I thought
how great it would be if he would just rip in those big breaks. So I asked, ‘Instead of making a more
complex part, can you just play guitar solos?' He said, ‘Okay,' sat in the control room with his Casino
plugged into the Vox and just whipped it up, and literally, a half-hour later, they were done. I've never
heard him play guitar like that. He just pushes the notes sharp perfectly at the right time."