Run Devil Run - Front Cover
Track: Honey Hush
Album/CD: Run Devil Run
Artist: Paul McCartney
Composer: Big Joe Turner
Track Time: 3:07
Release: 1999

Producers Chris Thomas, Paul McCartney
Engineers: Geoff Emerick, Paul Hicks
Mastered: Steve Rooke
Studio Location: Abbey Road Studios
Recording: 3/3/99

Paul McCartney: Vocal, Bass Guitar
David Gilmour: Electric Guitar
Mick Green: Electric Guitar
Pete Winfield: Wurlitzer
Ian Paice: Drums

Written by Big Joe Turner. Paul was more familiar with Johnny Beurnette's verison. "John and Stuart used to have a flat in Gambier Terrace. I remember walking up, burning eyes job, and one of the guys put it on. 'Come into this house, stop all that yakety yak'. It's my favourite on the whole album to sing."