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Track: Ever Present Past
Album/CD: Memory Almost Full
Artist: Paul McCartney
Composer: Paul McCartney
Track Time: 2:59
Release: 2007

Although it sounds like electronica, this track is all McCartney on real instruments, though heavily processed.
He showed it to me on piano, and then we started recording with electric guitar, recorded to a drum loop,
and then he put down a work vocal and then he recorded his drums, Kahne recalls.

McCartney played his Epiphone Casino, first heard in 1965 on The Beatles' "The Night Before." Kahne says
he plays it through a Vox AC30, the same type the Fab Four used in the '60s, although McCartney's
current amp is a reissue. The bass is his famous Hofner, and the drums are McCartney's black Ludwig kit,
similar to Ringo Starr's in that the two, both left-handers, play right-handed kits. The song also features
harpsichord and flugelhorn by McCartney — the latter heard as a solid note through the pre-chorus.