Wide Prairie - Front Cover
Track: Cow
Album/CD: Wide Prairie
Artist: Linda McCartney
Composer: Paul McCartney
Track Time: 4:24
Release: 1998

Linda McCartney: Lead vocals, Casio keyboard, Harmony vocals
Paul McCartney: Hofner bass, Drums, Electric guitar, Harmony vocals
Carla Lane: Spoken verse

Produced by Paul McCartney
Recorded 24/7/88 Hog Hill, Sussex, England
Engineer: Peter Henderson

Another collaboration between Linda, Carla Lane, and myself, which in this case deals with the last days of a cow under sentence of death. The sweet innocence of the song made many of our friends decide to "go veggie". Linda probably has done more than anyone else to bring vegetarianism into the dietary mainstream of our society, and made thousands of people ponder to wisdom of our cruel treatment of animals generally.