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Track: Dance The Do
Album/CD: McGear
Artist: Mike McGear
Composer: McCartney/McGear
Track Time: 3:53
Release: 1974

Recorded at Strawberry Studios - Stockport

Mike would like to thank:

Everybody's time and love
Paul and Linda McGear
Paul - Producer
Linda - Moog and vocal harmonies
Denny Laine - Leci guitar and vocal harmonies
Jimmy McCullough - Leci guitar
Gerry Conway - Drums
Brian Jones - Sax
Paddy "Pipes" Moloney (Chieftains) - Aeolian pipes
Peter Tattersall - Engineer
Martin Lawrence - Assistant Engineer
Mixed by Paul, Mike and Pete

Melvin Abraham (IBC Cutting Studios)
Derek of Seabrook/Graves/Aslett (Hollywood Cover Conceptionalists)
James Wedge - Album pics
Barbara Brunsdon - Collage
Robert Dougal - Ex-BBC charmer
Tony Coe - Sax on 'Leave It'
Denny Seiwell - Drums on 'Leave It'
Gerry Allison - Strings and brass arrangement (Paul & Gerry)

Derek Taylor on W. B. giggling
The Halle Orchestra and oboe lady
Gysmorchestra (Invented by Lol Cream and Kevin Godley, 10CC)
Buzz Aldrin on Moon
Benna and Theran with Harri Krishna
David Minns (McCartney Productions Ltd.)
Wine glasses and Rainbow Box
Plus Angie's Pate butties and Mike's Specials