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Listings of Paul McCartney & Wings songs by order of album title

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    McCartney   (1970)   More Album Details    
    The Lovely Linda 0:43  1970  McCartney     
    That Would Be Something 2:38  1970  McCartney     
    Valentine Day 1:39  1970  McCartney       
    Every Night 2:31  1970  McCartney     
    Hot As Sun/Glasses 2:05  1970  McCartney       
    Junk 1:54  1970  McCartney     
    Man We Was Lonely 2:56  1970  McCartney     
    Oo You 2:48  1970  McCartney     
    Momma Miss America 4:04  1970  McCartney       
    10  Teddy Boy 2:22  1970  McCartney     
    11  Singalong Junk 2:44  1970  McCartney       
    12  Maybe I'm Amazed 3:50  1970  McCartney     
    13  Kreen-Akrore 4:15  1970  McCartney       
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