Helen Wheels
(Paul McCartney)
1973 MPL Communications


Said Farewell To My Last Hotel, It Was Never Much Kind Of Abode 
Glasgow Town Never Brought Me Down When I Was Heading Out On The Road 
Carlisle City Never Looked So Pretty And The Kendal Freeway's Fast 
Slowdown Driver, Want To Stay Alive, I Want To Make This Journey Last. 

Helen, Hell On Wheels, Ain't Nobody Else Gonna Know The Way She Feels 
Helen, Hell On Wheels, And They Never Gonna Take Her Away 

M6 South Down To Liverpool, Where They Play The West Coast Sound, 
Sailor Sam He Came From Birmingham But He Never Will Be Found 
Doing Fine When A London Sign Greets Me Like A Long Lost Friend, 
Mister Motor Won't You Check Her Out, She's Got To Take Me Back Again. 


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