I Am Your Singer --- I Am Your Singer- Paul McCartney @MACCA-Central
  I Am Your Singer
(Paul McCartney)
1971 MPL Communications

    G#m:   466444
    G:     355433
    F#m:   244222
    E:     022100
    B:     224442
       You are my love
    G                          F#m
       You are my song, linger on
    You are my song, I am your singer
    You are my one
    You are my own melody
    You are my song, I am your singer
     B                  E
    Someday when we're singing
             B               A   G  B
    We will fly away, going winging
            A               B      E
    Sing, singing my love song to you
    My song is sung
    When the day is done, harmonies linger on
    I am your singer
    I am your singer
    Singing my love song to you

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