San Ferry Anne --- San Ferry Anne- Paul McCartney @MACCA-Central
  San Ferry Anne
(Paul McCartney)
1976 MPL Communications

    Am:    x02210
    E:     x22100
    Em:    x22000
    F:     133211
    Dm:    xx0231
    G:     320003
    A:     x02220
    You've got a lot
                                             F    Em         E
    And from what you've got I'd say you're doing well, dear
    E                Am
    Dressed like a dream
                                               F      Em         E
    And if things are what they seem, you're looking swell, dear
    Your little man
    Brings you trinkets when he can, but he can't stay, dear
    That's very well
    But inside your shiny shell you dance all day, dear
    So go, be gay
    Let your feelings leap away into the laughter
    San Ferry Anne
    Snd the world keeps turning happy ever after
    Dm  G  A  Dm  G  A

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