Treat Her Gently (Lonely People) --- Treat Her Gently (Lonely People)- Paul McCartney @MACCA-Central
  Treat Her Gently (Lonely People)
(Paul McCartney)
1975 MPL Communications

    A                 Bm7                   E                                          A   F#m 
    Treat her gently, treat her kind, she doesn't even know her own mind
    D            G7+   D         G7+  D         G7+        D  C#m7 Bm7
    Treat her simply, make it slow, take it easy and let her know
               E                           A4 7+9                A  
    You'll never find another way, yeah yeah yeah...
      D       F#m      Bm    Bm7/A   G                          D (4~9)
    Here we sit two lonely old people, eaking our lives away
      D       F#m      Bm    Bm7/A   G                          D (4~9)
    Bit by bit two lonely old people, keeping the time of day
    G7+  Bbm5+11+          F#m       Bm           G            D (4~9)
    Here we sit,        out of breath, and nobody asks us to play
    A                  Bbdim         Bm7          G      A479            D
    Old people's home for the day yeah yeah yeah, nobody asks us to play

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