Venus And Mars (reprise) --- Venus And Mars (reprise)- Paul McCartney @MACCA-Central
  Venus And Mars (reprise)
(Paul McCartney)
1975 MPL Communications

    D:     xx0232
    Am:    x02210
    Em/B:  022000
    Em7:   022030
    Asus4: x02233
    A7:    x02223
    G:     320003
    F:     133211
    A:     x02220
    INTRO: D  Am  Em/B  Em  Asus7  A7
    D                           Am 
    Standing in the hall of the great cathedral 
    Waiting for the transport to come 
    Starship 21ZNA9 
       Em/B                Em7 
    A good friend of mine studies the stars 
    Asus7                  A7 
    Venus ans Mars are alright tonight. 
    Come away on a strange vacation, holiday hardly begun 
    Run into a good friend of mine 
    Sold me her sign reach for the stars 
    Venus and Mars are alright tonight.

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