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  No Words
(Paul McCartney/Denny Laine)
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    A:     x02220
    A7:    x02223
    G6/A:  x00000
    F#7:   x04320
    Bm:    x24432
    E7:    022130
    C#7:   x43420
    F#m:   x04222
    B9:    x21222
    E:     022100
    A                    A7
    You wanna give your love away
        G6/A              F#7
    And end up giving nothing
        Bm                  E7                  A
    I'm not surprised that your black eyes are gazing
    You say that love is everything
    And what we need the most of
      Bm                   E7                 A      E
    I wish you knew that's just how true my love was
    C#7  F#m
    B9        A       E   C#7  F#m
    No words for my love
    Your burning love, sweet burning love
    It's deep inside
    You mustn't hide your burning love
    Sweet burning love
    Your burning love
    I wanna turn your head away
    And someone's thinking of you
    I wished you'd see, it's only me, I love you
    No words for my love

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