MACCA-News: Tokyo: FAN<i><font face=times roman>feedback</font></i> - Nov. 14, 2002           
Tokyo: FANfeedback      (Thanks to Masahiro Sendai)   #895
Nov 14, 2002  by Masahiro Sendai          
Update: 11-14-02 Report by Masahiro Sendai           
Paul was jogging around the hotel in the morning today. Security people were also jogging with him.

Photos by Masahiro Sendai
Paul left the hotel 15:34 to the Tokyo Dome. Many fans there but the car windows were not opened. But when he came to the Tokyo Dome, he opened the window and waves his hand for the waiting fans.

Pre-show was as same as first concert in Japan. Paul appeared in the red and white T-shirt and black shirt and blue jeans. His T-shirt is strange enough that front half is red and back half is white color. Paul's voice is not so good today. It looks hard to sing at the high voice and sometimes out of the key.

At the first show, translation on the screen was not well. But today, it goes very successful. He joked to annoying translators to say "Rabit run up the hills" "Dog have eaten the banana". He said this is the live and not known what does he going to say.

He sings wrong lyrics at the "Blackbird". Usually he sings "all your life, you were only waiting..." into "You all life, you were only waiting..."

Paul said Tokyo Dome is too big to see the sign board. Many fans bring in the sign board like.. "We're WINGSFAN" "MY B.D. IS JUNE 18" "PAUL LOVE" etc. Rusty also said that during American tour, they played small arena. but this is the first time they plays such a big stadium.

Band members are introducing in order. Each one speaks Japanese. Rusty took "SHASHIN"(photo) of the audience. Paul said many Japanese word for example.... "JON TO BOKU NO TAIWA"(coversation between John & me) "JOUJI NO TSUITOU"(tribute to George) During "SGT. Pepper's Reprise", Paul insert "Thank you" in the middle of the song. But today, he sings as "ARIGATO"(thank you).

Audience was so excited. Everybody said this is the best band he's ever had during the solo career. November of Japan is so cold but huge Tokyo Dome is full of enthusiasm by ardent performance. Air conditioner blows even cold wind for the fever audience !

Update 11-13-02 Report by Masahiro Sendai Sorry for my late answer. I was staying at the hotel yesterday, I couldn't use PC.

To tell the truth, I don't know what does he did yesterday. No one have seen him yesterday. The rumour spread even he dosen't stay in this hotel.

I met Heather Mills. She is so beautiful like dolls. Paul was not besides her. I said to her "Congraturation your wedding". She smiles and said thank you. I got her autograph like this. (click here). She wrote Heather Mills "McCartney".

Wix and his wife went shopping to Akihabara. Akihabara is famous for electronic shoppers. What did he bought? Maybe video camera? I gave him the pictures I took the day before yesterday. He drank at the bar with security till the midnight.

Press conference was going to be held at the hotel. But Paul wanted to have a rest. So not held.

Today, his second concert is going to be held at the Tokyo Dome. I will report again tomorrow.

Chaos And Creation In The Backyard
Paul McCartney
Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
Paul McCartney
Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
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