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Paul in 1972: The exhibition covers Sir Paul's career after The Beatles split up
The Beatles Story is one of Liverpool's top attractions
The exhibition covers Sir Paul's career after The Beatles split up From Bond themes to silly frogs, Paul McCartney's musical career did not end in 1970. Now a new exhibition celebrating his career after the break-up of the Fab Four is to open at The Beatles Story.

The exhibition has been created by members of Macca's fame academy - students of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA).

It is part of The Solo Years - an exhibition covering the time when the Beatles didn't all stand together after their 1970 split.

As well as reflecting on Paul's continuing musical success, the new exhibition focuses on his inspirational achievement in building the future through his support of LIPA, which opened in 1996.

Morgan Large, a final year LIPA student of Theatre and Performance Design, has created a floor map of Paul's life, which aims to make visitors feel they are flying over some of the important landmarks of his artistic development.

The buildings represented include Paul's family home at Forthlin Road, the skyline of Liverpool, the Mull of Kintyre, London Bridge and Liverpool Cathedral - where Paul's Liverpool Oratorio was first performed.

'Dream come true'

They are set against the background of a large floor map, based on one of Paul's paintings.

Mr Morgan said: "To be a student at the institute which Sir Paul McCartney is linked to, and then to create a design for The Beatles Story, is a dream come true.

"I am thrilled that my design has been accepted for this exhibition."

Some of his best loved solo musical pieces, such as the Liverpool Oratorio and Give My Regards to Broad Street are featured, although it is not clear how much prominence is given to Rupert and the Frog Song.

The Beatles Story is one of Liverpool's top attractions Macca also appears in a regular video performance where he speaks of how much LIPA - and indeed the building itself, which is where Paul went to school - is important to him.

New generation

Jerry Goldman, director of The Beatles Story, said: "I was recently made very aware, in addition to everything that Paul has achieved in his career, of his influence on the new generation.

"It was during the LIPA prize-giving ceremony that it was really brought home to me, and I felt that we should illustrate this element of his work for a wider audience - and now we have the result of this through collaboration with the students."

Lighting designers Richard Reardon and Sarah Kamender, who are also studying at LIPA, were involved.

The video was compiled by ex-LIPA student Elisabeth Nord of Grief Nord Productions.

The exhibition opens to the public on Saturday.

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